“Plans are Useless, Planning is Invaluable” -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Course code [INTA-GB.2140] was co-taught with Professor Scott Galloway. It is not being offered now.


--Buttress your valuation and critical-thinking skills in the pursuit of alpha: and

--Provide insight into the technologies and platforms reshaping business.


Time: 6 PM to 9 PM

Dates: Monday, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 27, March 6, March 20, and March 27. No class on Feb 20 (President’s day) and March 13 (Spring break),

This is a half-semester course with six three-hour class sessions. The first five sessions will be lectures co-taught by Scott Galloway and Dan Gode. The last class will be student presentations. Each class will be split into halves. Scott Galloway will lead the first half to discuss a strategic “narrative” that drives value, and Dan Gode will lead the second half to discuss the numbers behind the valuation and if the “narrative” (i.e., value) is already priced into the stock price.


The five class sessions will explore the following themes:

Professor Galloway will discuss each theme and present companies that have executed well or or poorly against the theme. Many companies will be discussed, however two companies will be discussed in detail in each class.


Professor Gode will then follow-up with a detailed analysis of financial performance and discuss if the expected success or failure of the company, premise on the strategic narratives, is already priced in. The financial analysis will consider the following value drivers of the company:

We view this course as a capstone (and fun) course that brings together many subjects you have learned at Stern with particular emphasis on strategy and marketing and their links to financial statements and valuation.


The course counts towards Marketing and Digital Marketing (Strategy track) specializations.



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Exams and Grading


1. Digital IQ

For class discussion

For homework

2. Amazon IQ

For class discussion

For homework

3. Social Platforms

For class discussion

For homework

4. Death of advertising industrial complex

For class discussion

For homework

5. Multi-channel retail

For class discussion

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